My blog is dedicated to the band I write on my hand everyday, the band I check twitter for every 5 minutes to see if they tweeted. The band thats wonderfully amazingly perfectly perfect. The band I listen to every single day. The band that makes me smile. & Im extremely happy for them.
i love Hot Chelle Rae so much<3

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Jamie Follese Imagine


”Alexa!!! Wake up!”

A girl who was soundly asleep heard yelling, and bolted awake. Then she realized where the yelling was coming from. She slumped back down in her pillow. “Ugh, not THIS early.”

“Alexa!!!!” There was pounding at her door. “Fine, fine, okay!” Alexa thought to herself out…

Hahahha! No! I love it! Its perfectly amazing! 😜 thank you so much!!

Everyone should follow this amazing blog and ask for HCR imagines because they’re perfect. c; and so is her blog. c: ☺️😜😍


Never forget October 31, the day Ian left Hot Chelle Rae.

#Don’tSayGoodnight en We Heart It.

These boys


we’re gonna play a really fun game, this are the lyrics  to the song “don’t say goodnight” and we’re gonna ask some questions to know you guys a little bit better. x 

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@NASHOVERSTREET, photographed in Studio City, California.
This is so accurate. You guys should follow this amazing blog! Okay now back to what you followed me for, Hot Chelle Rae ☺️
Just going to take a second to post a picture of myself. Although you guys follow me for Hot Chelle Rae posts, I really like this picture and wanted to share it with you. Carry on with your lives 😉😜