My blog is dedicated to the band I write on my hand everyday, the band I check twitter for every 5 minutes to see if they tweeted. The band thats wonderfully amazingly perfectly perfect. The band I listen to every single day. The band that makes me smile. & Im extremely happy for them. i love Hot Chelle Rae so much

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Hot Chelle Rae - Bush Gardens Summer Nights
Jamie Follese - 6/28/14 Busch Gardens Summer Nights
Ryan Follese - 6/28/14 Busch Gardens Summer Nights
Nash Overstreet - 6/28/14 Busch Gardens Summer Nights
On 6/28/14 I met my absolute favorite band, Hot Chelle Rae. For the third time, each time feeling more special. Not everyone gets to meet there favorite band especially not three times. I’m so thankful that I met them and that this amazing band exists. You always expect that celebrities are always gonna be so nice and you get disappointed when they aren’t. Not this band. They are so wonderfully nice and just amazing. They truly care for there fans. I definitely don’t want it to seem like I’m bragging, I’m sorry if I do, I honestly don’t want it to seem like that. I hope that everyone wanting to meet them gets too. I hope to meet them again and go to another concert of theirs. I love this band and I always will.

A personal favorite of @RyanKFollese during @justinbeiber’s #BelieveTour. Photographed in Denver, Colorado. 

@Hotchellerae: #Hollywood 


favourite cover - tonight tonight
don’t know if this counts but i’m counting it
20 day 5SOS challenge

@ryankfollese: Tonight will be so awesome!! 

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