My blog is dedicated to the band I write on my hand everyday, the band I check twitter for every 5 minutes to see if they tweeted. The band thats wonderfully amazingly perfectly perfect. The band I listen to every single day. The band that makes me smile. & Im extremely happy for them.
i love Hot Chelle Rae so much<3

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Just going to take a second to post a picture of myself. Although you guys follow me for Hot Chelle Rae posts, I really like this picture and wanted to share it with you. Carry on with your lives 😉😜


Recklessly - Hot Chelle Rae; Most of the background noises (audience screaming, talking, etc.) removed.

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[Cover art credit]


Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae; The left ear comes in a few seconds before the right ear, causing a layered effect.

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Hot chelle rae: backstage diaries x

(Source: htchelleraes)

(Source: htchelleraes)


Young Hollywood got personal


Just a taste of what’s to come on my record. This isn’t this final album version, but it’s close. Needed to get this off my chest and share something. This is for the fans. I love you all. - Ian

My room is perfect to me